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trepidation – love and desire

Marco Seibt - Trepidation (Love and Desire)
released 31.10.2020

straight way
release 05.12.2021 (t.b.c.)

trepidation – love and desire
compilation: are friends electric?

released: 10.12.2020

trepidation – love and desire
compilation: electronic lounge

released: 10.12.2020

A lot of material has to be reworked for release and needs to be adjusted for live.

Make it possible and become my patron

Get involved in my way of working and everything that happens in its creation like producing, videos, design, cover art and more. Shape the result together with me.

I’ll will need and enjoy our exchange.

Among other things you’ll get all tracks and videos exclusive as download before release.

There’re currently 2 ongoing projects: electronic music with visualizations by (classic) film material ( and New Wave with visualizations by Kinect camera (

I’m searching for creative people for collab.
If you’re a creative, you might be interested:

Singer (female/male)
Dancer (female/male)
Animation & 3D graphics

Quartz Composer (Kinect V1)
MaxMSP / TouchDesigner

Contact me if anything of it appeals to you.